Zwei Geister in einer Welt (German Edition)

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Furchtbare Not! So lacht nun der Teufel mein', dass einst ich nach dem Heiligen rang?

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Gefiel er dir wohl, Amfortas, der Held, den ich zur Wonne dir gesellt? He sinks into gloomy brooding Terrible distress!

So now the devil mocks me, that once I pursued holiness? Terrible distress! The pain of untamed desire, terrible desire sent from Hell, which I stilled by force - does it mock and laugh at me now through you, the devil's whore? Guard yourself! One repents his contempt and scorn; the proud one, strong in holiness, who once drove me out.

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His dynasty ruined by my magic, the holy guardian will languish unredeemed; and soon - so I believe - shall I guard the Grail myself - Haha! How did you like Amfortas, the hero, when I lured him with your beauty? Klingsor's magic has found her out; he knows the curse and the power through which she can be forced into his service Kundry: Oh!

Schwach auch er! Meinem Fluche mit mir Alle verfallen! O ewiger Schlaf, einziges Heil, wie, wie dich gewinnen? O anguish!

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He too was weak! Like me, all fall victim to my curse! O eternal sleep, my only salvation, how, how can I win you? In his Prose Draft Wagner wrote that Kundry is trapped in an unending cycle of existence. Periodically she falls into her "deathlike sleep" and her waking is a kind of rebirth. She yearns for an "eternal sleep" from which she will not awake, in other words to die and not to be reborn.

The noun Heil can convey a range of meanings from "well-being" to "salvation".

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For Wagner it seems to have been associated additionally with "wholeness". Klingsor: Ha! The one who defies you will set you free; try with this boy who approaches! Klingsor: steigt hastig auf die Thurmmauer Jetzt schon erklimmt er die Burg. Klingsor: Ho! Feinde nah'! Dem schlug er den Arm, jenem den Schenkel! Kundry schreit auf und verschwindet. Sie weichen.

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Sie fliehen. The enemy approaches! How they rush to the ramparts, my deluded garrison, to protect their beautiful demons! He is not afraid of you! He has disarmed the hero Ferris, and now wields his weapon against the crowd. Kundry breaks into wild hysterical laughter which turns into a convulsive wail. How ill-matched he is with those boobies! He struck one in the arm, another in the thigh! Kundry screams and vanishes. They yield. They run. The guards are knights whom Klingsor has ensnared with the aid of his demons, the women of infernal beauty that Gurnemanz mentioned in the first act.

They fight Parsifal as protectors of these magic women. In Wolfram's "Parzival", Ferris is the red knight whom the young Parzival kills for his weapons and armour; the incident has nothing to do with Clinschor, however. The bluish light is extinguished; leaving total darkness below, in contrast to the bright blue sky above the walls. Wie stolz er nun steht auf der Zinne!

Wie lachen ihm die Rosen der Wangen, da kindisch erstaunt in den einsamen Garten er blickt! Er wendet sich nach der Tiefe des Hintergrundes um. Schon am Werk? Den Zauber wusst' [kannt'] ich wohl, der immer dich wieder zum Dienst mir gesellt! Sich wieder nach aussen wendend Du da [dort], kindischer Spross, was auch Weissagung dich wies, zu jung und dumm fiel'st du in meine Gewalt; die Reinheit dir entrissen, bleib'st mir du zugewiesen! They retreat licking their wounds! How little I grudge them! May the whole brood [race] of knights destroy each other like this! How proudly he stands on the rampart!

How happily glow his rosy cheeks, as in childish amazement he looks down into the empty garden! He turns to the depths. About your business? That magic I know well, that binds you to serve me again!

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Looking out again You there, childish offspring; whatever might be foretold about you, you are falling under my control, young and stupid as you are; once deprived of your purity, you will belong to me! He knows the prophecies about this wonder-child. He fears that he may have been summoned to deliver Anfortas and take his place with a power that cannot be overcome.