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Back Back Next Next. German Website View this website in German. You really have to be tough to see it through. Anyone who tends to be conceited or over-confident will become more modest through learning German. The grammatical rules of German are so complex that every error-free sentence you produce is a genuine achievement.

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Your self-esteem grows every time you say something without making a mistake. This will occur so rarely, however, that your modesty will remain intact. The reason is that the German way of putting words together allows you to deconstruct new words with relative ease. The many-barrelled words of the German language show how inventive and imaginative its speakers are. These words make for creativity and fantasy.

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Question: And what about you? Can you give at least one reason for learning German? What do you like about the German language? Please write a comment to express your personal opinion or to explain your love for German. Frage: Und du? Kannst du mindestens einen Grund nennen, Deutsch zu lernen?

Extra Links for Learners:. An activity for beginners:. An activity for intermediate learners:.

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An activity for advanced learners:. Message from Roslyn Green. When I began to learn German, my study gradually became a kind of language island, with German books and dictionaries scattered everywhere and German voices on my iPod. Comments would be received with gratitude. I can be contacted at the school.

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Der Name dieses Blogs stammt aus einem bildhaften deutschen Wort: Sprachinsel. It was persistent, as if I got a Botox shot in the middle of a comedy show.

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Then it hit me. I was in love.

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The kind of love that stank of poetry. What followed was a sequence of embarrassing events, triggered by what felt like a second adolescence. In the middle of one of them, I gave birth to my first poem, whose last line crystalized in my mind as I was crossing a street, frantically typing on my iPhone.

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The same thought inspired the short story from Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder , where an adventurer, stuck in a kingdom ruled by bureaucratic librarians, exchanged a poetry book written by his lover for a transit visa. A year later, the story was selected for the poetry edition of Krachkultur magazine, alongside works by my literary archenemy, Charles Bukowski.

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