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Early humans invented far more than baskets. They had tools of all kinds for gathering, hunting, fishing, cooking, tools for making clothing out of pelts, for building shelters, cutting tendons and working with leather, combs and brushes, and eventually also for making bone and wooden flutes, drums, sculptures, jewelry, and more. As the story of Section 1 helps bring out, the work of making and repairing baskets was different from the work of getting and preparing food. That just further emphasizes the fact that there were two types of work.

2. Two Kinds of Work

It would be good to have names for these two types of work. What does basic work yield? Basic work includes, for instance, hunting and gathering food, making clothes and musical instruments. In other words, basic work is all of what goes into providing the group with what is to be consumed and enjoyed in routines of surviving and living. But, even in primitive groups, most basic work was done by using tools of some kind or by relying on tasks to yield whatever might be needed.

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But, in this second type of work, surplus , what was made were tools, baskets and such, in other words, items and tasks needed for basic work. The ultimate products of the surplus stages, whether goods or services, do not enter into the standard of living.

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CWL21 , See also concluding paragraphs of this section. I have heard the following words which combine the serious and the comical attributed to her:.

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There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there. Could you ascertain whether Indira Gandhi spoke these words?

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Quote Investigator: There is good evidence that Indira Gandhi did mention a version of this advice, but she stated that she first heard it from her grandfather Motilal Nehru. The details are given further below. Interestingly, the earliest evidence known to QI appeared in the biography of a businessman and diplomat named Dwight Morrow.

His life history was written by a British diplomat named Harold Nicolson, and it presented guidance that Morrow gave to his son. Boldface has been added to excerpts: 1. Try, if you can, to belong to the first class.

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Try, if you can, to belong to the former. The next earliest evidence located by QI was published in a Texas newspaper in December A Catholic priest named Father Kemper was exhorting his parishioners to participate in an election to choose the officers of a religious club.

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Or is it the small active minority who do things in a democracy? Some philosopher divided mankind into two divisions; those who accomplish things, and those who take the credit. His advice is to join the former group, since there is less competition.

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The Times of India newspaper published an article with a quotation in which Gandhi recounted the instruction she received from her grandfather: 4. Belong to the first category, since not only do things get balanced, but there is much less competition.

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Belong to the first category. In October the New York Times printed an interview with Indira Gandhi, and she spoke again about the counsel she had heard from her grandfather. This instance of the quotation was more compact than the version in 6.