The patience of a Saint

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For you hereafter means something quite different: the internet parcel arrives here after the birthday, your guests arrive here after the dinner has burnt.

These days impatience has taken over from patience in the virtue stakes. Every decent company has a complaints line and how good they are is an index of how good the company is.

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In the old days only the posh, rich and powerful were allowed to get impatient with things outside the home or a football team. Now everybody can.

Healthy impatience is exercising your emotion when it can make a difference: in other words applying power. Just think about bosses.

Most of them pride themselves on their impatience, glory in it. The thing about modern-era technology is how fast it makes everything.

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Yesterday evening I went to the cinema. It is over 40 years since the Access card was introduced, announcing that it took the waiting out of wanting. At the same time divorce was made easier.

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Oh, by the way, new research suggests the impatient get older quicker. Tests revealed that those who prefer laying hands on money quickly rather than waiting longer for more impatient are different from the patient in this crucial way.

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  7. Translation of "patience of a saint" in Russian. Your father had the patience of a saint.

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    I warn you, Mr Parish, I have the patience of a saint. And Ted may have the patience of a Saint , but he's still a man. You must have the patience of a saint. You have the patience of a saint , Mr Bumble, I've often said so. You got the patience of a saint. Pam who has been waiting for my divorce with the patience of a saint.