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Because of the river terrain and the length of the overhang, the water was deep where they were trolling. Unbeknownst to Dad at the time, a water moccasin had dropped from a tree branch and landed in the middle of the boat.

At that point the peace and quiet of that laid-back afternoon took a sharp turn. Uncle Dewell grabbed his gun. But it was too late. Uncle Dewell let both barrels go in the general direction of the snake.

Snake Tales: Portugal

Just before the gun went off, my dad dropped the paddle and ejected himself backward out of the boat. When Dad came up spewing river water, he grabbed onto the side of the dinghy and gazed at the damage. There was a nice-sized hole in the middle of the boat, the snake was completely unharmed, and Uncle Dewell was reloading the gun.

Determined to not lose Uncle Dewell due to "snake shock," Dad swam around behind him, grabbed hold of his shirt, and pulled him out of the sinking boat. He dragged him to shore while the snake swam off in the opposite direction. Not only did Uncle Dewell lose his shotgun, fishing pole, tackle box, and a bottle of Old Crow whiskey—the dang boat sank!

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As luck would have it, the snake got away. Dad never took Uncle Dewell fishing again. What this semi-blind python smelled when released was a young man who had been handling dinner.

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The python rose up about 5 feet off the floor to strike at what he thought was an extra-big meal. Bean grabbed him by the head to keep from getting bit. There was no one else in the store.

Jake Paterson presents a behind-the-scenes view of the World Tour like no other.

It was just me. Bean managed to escape by sliding out of his shoes and socks and wrestling the snake back into its cage. Bean got out of the snake business when his landlord discovered his home herpetarium. He ended up selling most of the reptiles at the pet store. Now, 26 years later, Bean is open to bringing another snake into the house when his 8-year-old son gets a little older. He plans to teach Bruce how to handle snakes, whether or not they ever keep one as a pet. Wife Ana has no objections. Find more articles like this in News.

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Snake tales

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New releases. PEGI 3. Add to wishlist. For few snake catchers Its amazingly fun to capture snakes and release snakes into wild jungles without hurting both snake and human. In this ultimate game a wizard snake catcher captures snakes and arrange them into irregular forms tiles. As a Junior wizard your job is to rearrange snakes and release them into wild jungles in a given time.

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Popular Features are: 1. Amazing 45 levels 2. Three variants of snakes 3. Scoring based on stars TIP for Junior Wizards: Head and Tail end positions are fixed, arrange the rest of the tiles to release snake into wild jungles.