Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels

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This can be done with a Parallel pretty easily. I ask because this expansion can get messy and lead to a big waste of ink. In any case, the process is pretty easy. However, make sure you have some silicone grease and a plastic o-ring that can fit snug around the threads of the reservoir. Both of these are absolutely necessary! If you like the idea of an eyedropper conversion, but are hesitant to take the plunge, give this technique a shot.

This is a very cool idea that I saw my friend Maya Calligraphy by Maya use. She told me she got the idea from Edbert Wahjudi. This technique involves filling the flushing bulb that comes with the Pilot Parallel with ink and using it as a cartridge since it fits perfectly on to the pen reservoir.

I discovered this by accident and perhaps you have to. Time for a new cartridge!

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Perhaps you reach for a red cartridge and insert it without cleaning out the ink reservoir. When you start writing again, the ink will still be black. The more the merrier. Experiment with touching the nibs together in different places, positions, and for different lengths of time. However, it works just as good as a quill-based pen with a dip-nib. This technique is most well-suited when it comes to working with two or more colors.

It can also be a good way to test an ink that you might be hesitant to fill your cartridge before you commit to doing so.

Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels

My go-to inks for this technique are the Ecoline Watercolor inks. Each color comes self-contained in a screw-top vessel which makes setup and teardown quick and painless. There are quite a few of them out there… and unfortunately, many of them are not safe to put into your Parallel.

Others have had fantastic ink-flow, but were hardly opaque. When writing on a black surface, it just bleeds into the black and is barely visible.

Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels

Higgins white is an incredible ink with great vibrancy on a dark surface. It can however, be a little finicky. Here are the steps I would recommend taking when putting white ink in your Parallel. The next time you go to use the pen, some of the white ink on the nib will be dry and you might need to clean the nib up with the black plastic film that comes with the Parallel and perhaps a wet paper towel. Before using, give the pen a good 30 second shake and prime it on some scrap paper.

Black artist paper is a relatively new thing.

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The sheets are somewhat thin, which is a double-edged sword. On the other hand, their thin nature gives the ink less space to seep into so the ink ends up being more vibrant. Canson recently released its Colorline Black Drawing Notebook , which is excellent! Just be sure not to use an overly-diluted pigment, otherwise it will be tough to get fully opaque lines.

When it comes to working with opaque colors in other words, using a solid color on top of another color like you might with paint , the major drawback of the Pilot Parallel is the thin distribution of pigment through its compact parallel nib slabs. Due to the design, not much can be done to change this. A wider distribution would result in too rapid of ink flow and imprecise strokes. If you try to thin the pigment, it becomes transparent. However, we know Higgins White ink works quite well when it comes to opaqueness.

So while you might no be able to achieve a perfectly opaque effect in every shade of color, we can use this ink as a base and introduce additional pigment to give it tone.

Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Mini-Trailer

These nice, milky tints look beautiful on dark surfaces. I particularly enjoy the way pastel blues and oranges look on a dark surface. Be careful to add a little bit at a time. Consider a bright fire-engine red. The problem here is that if you add too much red to the white, it will either end up being pink, or too transparent this is because the base becomes too thinned down.

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But with some patience, it is possible. If this is too much fuss for you, you can always dip the pen straight into a well of ink While you might not get a consistent shade of color, you can still achieve some very neat color effects. But as a result of my successes, I have a number of modified pens that each perform contextually to my liking.

Once again, the nib is comprised of two thin pieces of metal that are pressed together. As ink is fed from the body of the pen, it fills the tiny gap of space between these two pieces. Holding those two pieces together in place are two plastic anchors. This hack involves removing one of those plastic anchors. You write with the scored side down because it helps the ink flow through the two metal pieces of the nib.

In other words, the ink would not flow through an automatic pen as smoothly if it were not for these scores.

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This is what inspired me to remove one of the plastic anchors from the Parallel. Even though the mechanics are a little different than that of an automatic pen, I figured that the metal pieces would not be pressed together as hard if only one anchor was present. This will still serve the purpose of anchoring your nib and preventing it from being too far while still allowing for some additional flex action between the two slabs of the nib, resulting in increased in flow. Before you get started, see the below visuals.

The Parallel on the left does not have the modification, and the one on the right does note the missing anchor. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more.

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Uses in horror films include the film From Beyond based on the H. Lovecraft story of the same name where a scientific experiment induces the experimenters to perceive aliens from a parallel universe, with bad results. The John Carpenter film Prince of Darkness is based on the premise that the essence of a being described as Satan , trapped in a glass canister and found in an abandoned church in Los Angeles , is actually an alien being that is the 'son' of something even more evil and powerful, trapped in another universe.