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Then one of the men led all the horses off to the stables, and the corporal went off with the quartermaster. We were through with practice and just cleaning up for supper when I saw him speak to the guard and go through the Duke's Gate. I don't know why — " "To arrange lodging for his captain, most likely. Only a few of us were in there; most weren't through with their chores.

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Paks and I had finished ours before supper. She'd promised to show me how to do a round braid in leather; Siger had told us to start planning the wrappings for our sword hilts.

And Korryn was there; he nearly always is. And two or three more. I'd just fastened some thongs together, and was showing Paks, when the corporal came in. He looked around, and saw us, and told Paks he wanted to talk to her. A little flushed, maybe, and determined.

He gestured Paks to the back of the room, and he had hold of her arm. He sort of pushed her against the bunk in the corner, so she sat down, and he sat down with her, and started talking. Telling her she should bed him, she should be flattered, all that stuff. I could tell she was upset; she got very pink and then pale, and she looked around — but what could we do? He was a corporal. He kept talking louder, and then he said — " Saben stopped abruptly and blushed.

It was terrible, sir, Paks of all people, and she was really angry. I didn't think he should be acting like that, so I left to find you.

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Only I couldn't find you or our corporals, for the longest time — I didn't want to yell it out to the whole courtyard — and when I finally asked a guard, he said you were in the Duke's court with the captain. The guard at the gate wouldn't let me in, and at first he didn't want to take a message. I shouldn't have left, I guess, but I didn't know they'd beat her up. Next time there's trouble, though, go to one of the guards at once to find me.

Now, do you remember who else was in the room when Stephi came, and who left before you? Vik left just as the corporal came in; I don't know about the others. I was watching Paks. I've wanted to, though. But she has enough trouble with Korryn bothering her; I didn't want to be that kind of worry. If she wants it, she'll let me know. We're friends, anyway. Go on, now.

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But I wish it were any captain but Sejek. If he's still in the same mood, evidence won't mean a thing to him. Once he's made up his mind — " "You can insist that Valichi preside," said Bosk suddenly. How did I forget that? It's not as if Valichi yielded command to Sejek; he was just away.

And since she's a recruit — of course her commander has jurisdiction. At the gate, he spoke to the guard. He'll see me. Down this passage, up the stairs, second door on the right. Not carrying any weapons, are you? Inside the room, a roomy study, the captain sat writing in the light of a double oil lamp. The captain finished his line and glanced at the door. Did you check on your recruit? Has she calmed down at all yet? Of course she's big, but I never thought a recruit could mix it with Stephi and come off on top. That man's known to be a tough unarmed fighter.

Still, I suppose the surprise — " The captain leaned back in his chair and let the pause lengthen. Finally Stammel broke it, his voice as neutral as he could make it. It's not that. You won't make me like it better by being coy.

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A danger signal. You're sure? All I saw was a royal black eye and a bloody nose - maybe broken -but that's nothing. More than that — a lot more. How bad is he, really? Has two broken fingers, fingerprints on his throat — I don't know what else. He seemed dazed, couldn't really talk to me, and the surgeon said to let him sleep.

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But really, Stammel, that doesn't get you anywhere. She attacked a corporal. If she got beaten up, she deserved it. You realize there's no doubt she's guilty, don't you? An eyewitness out of your own unit, plus Stephi—don't you? I think there is a doubt. She could not, absolutely could not have been winning over Stephi in her condition. She can't even stand up — " "She's faking. Sir, I know that recruit, one of the best we've had, and she is not faking. That Korryn, he's been walking on the edge since he joined, and if he's lying about having to pull her off, he could be lying about the whole thing.

But — something's wrong here, sir, and I don't think we know all the facts yet. Stammel, how many days till Captain Valichi gets back?

Besides, you could take evidence tomorrow. I wouldn't ask you to accept my assessment. But what about calling witnesses from Duke's East, say, who could come, examine, and present their findings to Captain Valichi? All right, I won't argue on that; you have the right to ask a trial if you think it's justified. Now, who were you thinking of as witnesses? I don't like Mayor Fontaine myself, as you probably know, but he's honest and no fool.

I never did know what your row was about. Heribert Fontaine for one. D'you want two or three?