Quando il Maestro parla al cuore (Italian Edition)

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Thrilled and exhilarated by the revelations of the mysteries of procreation and of his hidden relationship to Bernardo, Ernesto had raced home to recount both these exciting bits of news to his mother.

Non ora, non qui

On hearing the second, she fainted and fell to the ground. He could have throttled his blackbird singing away obliviously at the window. It seemed in fact, to be singing louder and better than ever before. A dose of bromide eventually set things right.

Nevertheless, every time his mother pressed him go to the barber two, perhaps three times a year the boy would get back at her with the old tale, though by then he, too, knew that it was complete and utter rubbish. And every time she would get insulted and angry and threaten to punish him by telling his Uncle Giovanni. Bernardo was a heavy, fairly elderly man with completely white hair and a kind face.

He always welcomed Ernesto warmly, had even lent him money once which the boy spent at a new bakery that everyone in town was raving about, and which he repaid punctually from the weekly allowance he got from his uncle.

Bernardo had waited on him since childhood. And he suffered his irst disappoint- ment when Ernesto left school to take a job. It seems that Bernardo belonged to that very large group of people who cannot imagine a brilliant career not preceded by an academic degree. Although he never expressed his disappointment to Ernesto, the boy sensed it. Bernardo volle servirlo di persona. Il barbiere gli chiese, come prima cosa, notizie della sua salute sapeva che Ernesto era stato ammalato e ci teneva a fargli sapere che lo sapeva , di quella della signora Celestina e della vecchissima zia.

Pareva se ne vantasse.

Gli disse che lo zio gli aveva parlato di lui, lamentandosi che fosse sempre socialista. I socialisti diceva lo zio - sono in odio a tutti, e non sono destinati a far carriera nel mondo. Ernesto, che conosceva Bernardo da sempre, la preferiva. Ma no son iscritto al par- tito; son ancora tropo giovine. Bernardo rise. Conosceva abbastanza Ernesto per dare troppo peso alle sue parole. Il ragazzo e Bernardo lo sapeva non odiava lo zio tutore non odiava ancora nessuno : ne aveva solo paura. Sentiva che questi non lo amava almeno eccessivamente e, soprat- tutto, non lo approvava. Forse sospettava nel nipote qualcosa di strano e di proibito.

Ed uno dei tratti del carattere di Ernesto era il bisogno di essere approvato ed amato. He walked resolutely into the shop. Bernardo wanted to take care of him personally. Once seated in the revolv- ing chair and completely at the mercy of his unwitting torturer, Ernesto resigned himself to having his hair cut as a necessity, however unpleasant, of the good life.

All he said to Bernardo was not to cut his hair too short, and answered all his questions cheerfully.

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The irst thing the barber inquired about was his health he knew that Ernesto had been ill and wanted him to know that he knew it. After that he asked after the health of Signora Celeste and of his very old Aunt. Then he told him that just the previous day Signor Giovanni had been in to have his beard trimmed. He seemed to take pride in this.

He added that his uncle had spoken about Ernesto, lamenting that he was still a socialist. Socialists, his uncle had said, were hated by everyone and would never amount to anything in the world. Sometimes he used it, sometimes the more formal lei. He knew Ernesto well enough not to take him seriously.

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He was just afraid of him. Is that true?

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Ernesto si attendeva ad un elogio: avrebbe dato non so cosa per riceverlo. Ma sapeva egli stesso di non meritarlo. Il violino era stato un suo capriccio, nel quale poi si era ostinato. Lo zio poi odiava in linea generale i violini e, in modo particolare, quello del nipote. Play- ing the violin had begun as one of his whims, but one in which he subsequently persisted. He paid a teacher from the weekly allowance that he received from his Uncle, and from the small sums he extorted with wheedling and promises from his old aunt. He said that there was only one great violinist in the world: Paganini.

The derision with which his Uncle delivered these words stung the boy more deeply than a slap in the face. The only person who was not completely disapproving of the experiment was his old aunt.


But his aunt, in addition to being old, was a little deaf. And the only work that signora Celeste let her do at home was to wash the radicchio which they ate in large amounts. Despite his meager progress, the boy persisted in studying his loved-and-hated violin. Adesso desiderava che Bernardo si spicciasse. Il vecchio barbiere non mostrava invece nessuna fretta: si sarebbe detto che provasse piacere a prolungare al massimo quello che, per Ernesto, era un supplizio. Sentiva al collo, dove il barbiere aveva fatto passare il rasoio, una spiacevole sensazione di freddo.

Il suo movimento istintivo sarebbe stato di alzarsi e scappare; ma, timidezza a parte, avrebbe dovuto dare delle spiegazioni; e, o non le trovava, o non poteva esibirle. Era, oltre a tutto, il suo mestiere: se non ci fossero state barbe, Bernardo le avrebbe inventate. Nessuno si accorse che aveva le lacrime agli occhi. It was a miracle that, chatterbox that he was, he had never said a word about it to the man.

He seemed to enjoy dragging out the process, which was a torture to Ernesto. Anyway, , when he was young, he was for Garibaldi. Besides, he was almost done.

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Ernesto barely glanced at it, then shut his eyes so as not to see himself looking worse, so he thought, than before. His neck, which the barber had shaved, felt unpleasantly chilled. His intuitive reaction would have been to get up and get out of there. Then suddenly, he thought of the man; saw him, off in the distance, looking as if he were weeping. He is never named in the book. Sperava - pur sapendo che la sua speranza era vana - che sua madre avrebbe saputo confortarlo.

E lo disse col tuono con cui avrebbe annunciata una grande sventura che gli fosse occorsa.

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Bernardo ha fatto bene a tagliartela. Fa vedere Poi le friggeva in quello stesso olio. It was, after all, his profession. If there were no such things as beards, he would have invented them. Ernesto was inally free and got up from the chair. No one noticed the tears in his eyes.