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It works like this. First, ask a question to explore the meaning of the statement, rather than making an inference from the statement. Second, explore the underlying drive or motivation beneath the statement. This statement sounds like a type 9, but is it? Yes, Nines have difficulty tolerating the tension that conflict brings, but who likes it? And conflict — really, the perception of what is and is not conflict — comes in nine different forms. It makes me really tense. Conflict disrupts harmony between people.

Yes, the answers appear to suggest this person might be an Enneagram Nine. I want people to support each other. When I feel angry with someone — and I do sometimes — I feel guilty about it, even if I feel very angry. I want it to go away so people can relate better. I have to say this was an awesome read. It had my attention throughout. I loved how the story entangled a couple twist and had me in suspense mode. Some evil, some good, some mystery, a little romance and great sex scenes this story was very creative with a great ending that left me saying WOW!!!

There were a few noticeable editing errors but that didn't effect th I have been following Sylvia Hubbard for a while on social networks and this was a first of her many books that I've read. There were a few noticeable editing errors but that didn't effect the flow of the story. I am definitely looking forward to catching up with reading her other books. Jan 10, Ryan Johnson rated it did not like it. Great hot sex does not a book make. This story line was laughable and there was no character development with any of the characters.

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The story was just not realistic. Nov 25, Irion rated it really liked it. Great read with a story line a woman can only dream of. I want spoil it for you goodread bloggers, but I will say, there is a twist at the end that SOME of you may not see coming Even though I caught it.

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  • Final rating 4. May 02, Cindy rated it did not like it. Wow, I'm really surprised at all the posiive reviews on here! The characters and story are not believable at all, there are so many grammar and spelling errors it's a complete distraction, and the sex isn't even that hot. Jun 19, Glenn rated it it was amazing. One of the best erotic mystery thrillers I've read May 26, Stephanie V.

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    I would have given this 5 stars but the way it ended so bluntly left me giving this 4 stars but this is a must read. The book should be titled Good Things Cum to Those Who Wait, because in the end good things cum to the lead character of the book and how! This erotic drama tells the story of two identical twins, Denise and Dana, and the triangle of love and deceit in which the twins ensnare an unwitting pro football player within.

    The Mistaken Identities

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book for several reasons. First, was the twin angle. Growing up, I always wished and fantasized that I had an identical twin dreaming about the elaborate games that I would have played on people if I did have one and the twins in this book went way beyond anything that I ever imagined. Second, was the good twin, bad twin angle.

    Growing up in a family where my parents played favorites and being the least favored son, I could identify with Dana's struggles and pains and delighted at her accomplishments when she grew into adult hood. Third, was the sex.

    Throughout all of the sex scenes in this book, I was rubbin' and touchin' myself makin' faces and sayin' things like, " Get the picture? When this book gets to it's conclusion, I guarantee you will be fanning yourself from the extreme heat that it generates. Not only do I intend on buying the Mistaken Identity for my personal collection of erotica, I will also recommend it to all my friends. Euftis Emery So - masochist that I am I read it again. So I am glad this is a short book.

    A mess but at least short.

    Read e-book Mistaken Identity (True ID Trilogy Book 2)

    All I can say is that cheating is not cool and cheating on your sister - even if she is awful - does not make for a good premise. Feb 11, Julianna rated it liked it Shelves: reads , menage , pregnant-babies. Interesting story - have read it a couple of times and it still interests me so i guess that is something. Aug 28, Ashunta rated it it was ok. Interesting plot but I don't believe the idea was developed well enough to be believable. Good read.

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    The storyline was totally unexpected. Mar 07, Janaya Black rated it really liked it. Sylvia Hubbard is an awesome words smith. Her ability to develop her character and story lines is what makes her the literary guru that she is. I never miss an opportunity to read her work. Oct 12, Denee rated it it was amazing. Very hot story and a fantasy plot that I am sure most women have at at one point or another.

    Jun 26, Ivory rated it really liked it. More of a 3. I read it while riding during a roadtrip and it kept me entertained for the most part. May 24, Julia rated it liked it.

    Not the best writer, but I liked this story. Stef rated it really liked it May 08, Shonique rated it it was amazing Jul 17, Tamara Hubbard rated it it was amazing Dec 21,