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The first child aged 9 to be declared sex offender this month has prize! He and his regime systematically destroyed the lives of children and their parents alike, in their millions, many of them in the most brutal ways imaginable. Christian Oct 29, I have appreciated on this blog some well-thought and informative comments by sensible and intelligent people some of them are even thanked on my blog for the contents they brought , but I see that more and more people come here not to comment on the topics of blogs, but to find a public wall where to vent their frustrations.

Then we start to see crazy racists and neo-fascists who feel alone because currently all existing fascist groups hate MAPs while most MAPs refuse to join the Hebephilic State holy war. If this goes on, I will leave this comment section definitively, and send you my comments by private email. There is a real dilemma in this for the moderator who strongly supports free speech and diversity of opinion. Intelligent people such as you are liable to be left feeling there is no point in bothering to say anything sensible because it will be drowned out by reams of loud-mouthed, ill-considered, factually-unsupported bullshit.

This is a problem I have wrestled with for four years as a moderator. Experience tells me, though, that wild, extreme views should be allowed in from time to time often expressed very colourfully, they can and do provoke challenging debate , but then suppressed for a period so that other views often more subtle and well informed also have a chance to flourish.

So, paradoxically, genuine free speech requires an element of censorship. I think we have currently reached a point at which a bit of weeding is needed.

This may mean you will see fewer comments posted here for a while, but hopefully with a higher proportion of good ones. Winston Smith Nov 01, You mean by attracting alt-right types interested in the Muslim theme who have been hanging around since then? Sure, that may have happened to some extent. Not an insoluble problem though. Sugarboy Oct 29, The Last Cry of the Defeated Man! Oct 29, Just a normal scene, really, from before the feminist anti-male brainwashing took over.

Stolen Child

This would have been a normal thing. Death to feminism! I remember walking with this guy and coming upon three boys playing football. This country is literally hell for those who enjoy the company of young people. Get abroad! I know every boy lover here turns their nose up at the Islamic countries. Oct 31, I will say one more thing: Since culture is considered the primary factor which sustain inequalities, Cultural Marxism is opposed to other explanations for inequalities such as religious explanations, individual choices, or genetic factors.

Unlike Marxism which primarily focuses on economic inequalities and economic classes, Cultural Marxism see culture as a main cause for many different kinds of inequalities:. Cultural Marxism places great emphasis on analyzing, controlling, and changing the popular culture, the popular discourse, the mass media, and the language itself. Seeing culture as often having more or less subconscious influences on people which create and sustain inequalities, Cultural Marxists themselves often try to remove these inequalities by more or less subtle manipulation and censorship of culture.

A term describing such censorship is political correctness where all views on equality that disagree with the Cultural Marxist view are avoided, censored, and punished. A conspiracy theory version of the term Cultural Marxism is associated with American religious conservatives including William S. According to Chip Berlet, who specializes in the study of extreme right-wing movements, the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory found fertile ground within the Tea Party movement of , with contributions published in the American Thinker and WorldNetDaily highlighted by some Tea Party websites.

This discussion has been interesting, as is the post. Partially my interest has been because I know very little about lolicon, although I know quite a few young teenage boys and one young woman who love it, along with hentai, and more. The idea that a cartoon is a person for purposes of the law under certain conditions seems quite absurd, but it is swallowed wholesale by many people.

What is going on, quite obviously, is obfuscation. Of course, this occurs in relation to paedophilia also, where there is much evidence against the popular, generally held cultural views. Ignorance about sexuality, about sex acts, and about so much else, is pandemic yes, it is a type of disease in so many ways , and is readily spread. Again, we know this, but I thought it might be useful for some readers here, to have this article, and to search up some work by the mentioned researchers.

Google scholar has a massive list for Robert N Proctor, many of them about the inculcation of ignorance mostly about tobacco , and which I will be reading in order to discover some of the details about the promulgation of ignorance in society. Although this is but one possible taxonomy for ignorance, it does reveal that what we do not know is imbricated in a network of sociopolitical, cultural, economic, and strategic constructions.

Yes, indeed. In fact one thing which has bothered me for some time is the quite sharp distinction between the results of research and the clinical practice of psychology. This is instanced in the behaviour and comments of a local psychologist whom I know quite well. This strikes me as both myopia and a loss of knowledge, however culturally induced. Libertine Oct 30, Ah, sadly, he is not highly paid and in private practice. Also, I know him well enough to know that he is genuine in his comments. I cannot say the same about any other psychologist, of course. Libertine Nov 01, Oct 28, The feminist-bastard authorities, the sick-tyranny that runs our sick society of liars.

They delete the fact that paederasty is the dominant cultural expression of homosexuality. This strikes me as unfair to the point of perversity. Even the faintest hint that the post-Savile witchhunt is indeed a witchhunt can bring about a very ominous response.

See below. Montgomery Hyde, and Roger Peyrefitte.

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I suspect Fry might be sympathetic to a point. I have read some of his stuff: his first novel, The Liar, is full of BL subplots, and in Moab is My Washpot, the story of his homosexually-active boarding-school days, he tells us of the books which gave him solace, amounting to a long list of BL classics: Special Friendships, Sandel, Lord Dismiss Us, The World, the Flesh and Myself, David Blaize, Jeremy at Crale, The Loom of Youth… Whether he would be keen to associate himself, however tangentially, with such a hugely unpopular cause is another matter!

What is he supposed to do?

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Publicly suck off year-old boys in the middle of one of his TV programmes? Will you be satisfied with nothing less than his public disgrace, imprisonment and possible assassination? Oh, you are not aware of his past then? I know this for a FACT! I have been told by two people.

Snow in april lost in time book 2 Ebooks

Fry was in that room. This is gossip. However, it would not in the least surprise me if it is true although even in your version we are not told how many people were in the room and who did what.

But that is beside the point, a complete red herring, not least because Fry has never denied an attraction to boys. Are you just trying to deny, obfuscate and deflect attention from see other posts today by BJ Muirhead the facts real, checkable facts I have set out? Nov 19, And, for that matter, L. He went on the Craig Ferguson show to point out that being gay is not the same as being a paedophile, and then used Tchaikovsky as an example of a great gay man. He is deleting the history of boylove and using it in service of his own cause, the gay cause.

Tchaikovsky wrote Romeo and Juliet for a fifteen year old boy, and was a boylover in the classical sense. So, yes, he is a genocidal, feminist, misandrist maniac. The fact he was secretly an offender thirty years ago is neither here nor there. Many gay men of a certain age admire Sandel to this day, appropriating it for their own culture.

Order Oct 28, Who they can know at age how become magically in adults and ok to fuck them? Homosexuals are a bunch of sick people by nature.