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She seemed very strong at times and was incredibly sure of herself and what she wanted to do in life, but at the same time she was only twenty, and still quite vulnerable and naive. Headstrong, but not always wise in the ways of the world, Gracie was a very appealing heroine, the kind that I cared about but was also quite proud of in places. Not only was the First World War on the verge of ending, but the country was being destroyed by a horrible Spanish flu which many of the returning soldiers caught when they returned home.

It was also a difficult period for women, who were starting to wear trousers and work in factories due to the necessities of contributing to the war effort, but other women were determined to put an end to this liberalisation once the war was over. Gracie struck me as a woman stuck between two worlds, protected by her conservative upbringing yet determined to embrace all of these new possibilities that were opening up for women, particularly by wearing trousers and writing articles for a newspaper. While I loved the plot and characterisation of Love on the Range, I did struggle when it came to some of the structural issues when it came to the story telling.

Incidents like this jerked me out of my reading experience and I often had to reread the whole page before I got caught up in the story again. My other minor issue regarded the action scenes, which definitely broke the monotony of the typical historical romance, but sometimes sped by so fast and were resolved a bit too easily and conveniently for my liking. Love on the Range will appeal to long-term fans of historical romance, particularly those who are looking for something a bit different that pushes the usual boundaries.

Review title provided by author. Hmm, this is kind of a tough one. Most of the time I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good story. For the most part though, I thought it was a good story. Our heroine Gracie was likable, a little jabber box. She needs an interview with Striker so s Hmm, this is kind of a tough one.

She needs an interview with Striker so she can become a real journalist and escape from her controlling parents and an unwanted engagement. Once there she meets Trevor Cruz, a brooding rancher who quickly sweeps her off her feet.

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I liked Trevor, although his troubling childhood did make me a little weary. I liked Gracie and Trevor together; they have a few nice moments. The Striker storyline was a bit underdeveloped and seemed to pop up when it became convenient. And she was incredibly blind, he was literally right in front of her face from page one. Trevor had so many similarities to Striker and she never caught on? But, her spending months with him and never guessing was kind of dumb.

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She was really halfhearted about the whole thing. And, I think at the end he should have given her an interview and we could have had an epilog or something with the actual interview. That would have been fun. I guessed from the beginning that something like that would happen, and thought the whole thing ended up being anticlimactic.

But, my biggest complaint was when she escapes, in the middle of the night and injured, she decides to take her passed-out kidnapper with her. Literally dragging a ish pound man through the desert with her. How could a girl physically drag lbs of dead weight while injured, and most importantly why would she?

I would get to safety as quickly as possible and then send others back for them. Content: Clean. Apr 19, Patty Hearts Dave rated it it was amazing. It was , WW1 was killing men overseas while the Spanish Influenza was killing Americans in their hometowns. She was a 20 year old Suffragist and news reporter who wanted 2 things: to get an interview with the elusive Striker and to gain independence from her parents. While in Oregon she searched for Striker, who, according to newspaper sources, was known to be there.

In Oregon, Gracelyn gained some freedom It was , WW1 was killing men overseas while the Spanish Influenza was killing Americans in their hometowns. In Oregon, Gracelyn gained some freedom from her parents, but also found friendship and discovered the value of hard work. This was quite an accomplishment for a Boston socialite who couldn't even light a stove to boil water. She began falling in love, but not with the man to whom she was engaged to be married. Does Gracelyn ever find Striker? Does she gain her independence? Who was causing her to fall in love?

Read Love On The Range to find out. Gracelyn was quite a snob when the story began, but I still liked her. She was raised to be very proper and to always act in a proper way — no matter what. She had different plans for her life than her parents did. Trevor Cruz was also a main character in the story. He was a broken man in need of love and forgiveness. Gracelyn showed him the way to both was through God. I could see spin-off books written about them. I really liked this book. The struggle Trevor had with his affections for Gracelyn were interesting. The author described the Oregon desert so well I felt I was there, along with the characters.

I would recommend this book for all those who enjoy romance mixed with a little mystery and adventure. May 29, Abbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: , love-inspired-historical , western-romance , christian-historical-fiction , netgalley-read , blog-reviewed. Gracelyn is sent west to live with her uncle due to a bad out break of influenza.

The more he is around her though the more he starts to think about having a family yet his past could stop all that. Plus with a bad guy wanting revenge he has to focus on keeping her safe not falling in love. This was a great book I really enjoyed it. It had a good mixture of romance and suspense to keep it interesting.

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What I liked: I really like Gracelyn. She was a rich girl but she was willing to work plus she was just fun to read about. He mouth was always getting her in trouble which results in a few laughs. Trevor was also a interesting person and I felt his character was well developed. I also found the storyline dealing with the early FBI quite interesting. The supporting character such as her uncle and James where fun and I kind of hope maybe they will be back in some other books.

What I did not like: I was hoping the suspense part of the plot was going to be a little more exciting and I felt a little let down with how that part ended.

I also have to say the cover photo of Trevor is not at all how I pictured him. Not that it matters of course.

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View 1 comment. He has a ranch in Oregon and his housekeeper is Mary. Trevor who picked her up at the station is also watching Maryto be sure none kidnap her or do worse. Gracie has escaped the disease in the East and hopes to meet the notorious Mr.

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Striker as she's written some articles for publication. She can't believe they don't really pray at meals or go to church so she will tag along with Mary when she meets up with friends on Sunday.

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Gracie did get in the back of the wagon and hitched a ride to town to find out if anybody knew where Striker was. The Government is also looking for him. She is beside herself when her parents show up with a guest before Christmas.