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Old-timer wisdom: Gleaned from hard-earned lessons (Part II)

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Lessons Earned: Pumps Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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Fig 2. It illustrates rather clearly energy added to the flow shown in vector c inversely change upon flow rate Q shown in vector c m. Vertical centrifugal pumps are also referred to as cantilever pumps. They utilize a unique shaft and bearing support configuration that allows the volute to hang in the sump while the bearings are outside the sump.

5 Business Lessons From Nigerian Oil Multimillionaire Muhammadu Indimi

This style of pump uses no stuffing box to seal the shaft but instead utilizes a "throttle bushing". A common application for this style of pump is in a parts washer. In the mineral industry, or in the extraction of oilsand, froth is generated to separate the rich minerals or bitumen from the sand and clays. Froth contains air that tends to block conventional pumps and cause loss of prime. Over history, industry has developed different ways to deal with this problem. In the pulp and paper industry holes are drilled in the impeller. Air escapes to the back of the impeller and a special expeller discharges the air back to the suction tank.

The impeller may also feature special small vanes between the primary vanes called split vanes or secondary vanes. Some pumps may feature a large eye, an inducer or recirculation of pressurized froth from the pump discharge back to the suction to break the bubbles. A centrifugal pump containing two or more impellers is called a multistage centrifugal pump. The impellers may be mounted on the same shaft or on different shafts. At each stage, the fluid is directed to the center before making its way to the discharge on the outer diameter.

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For higher pressures at the outlet, impellers can be connected in series. For higher flow output, impellers can be connected in parallel. A common application of the multistage centrifugal pump is the boiler feedwater pump. For example, a MW unit would require two feedpumps in parallel.

All energy transferred to the fluid is derived from the mechanical energy driving the impeller. This can be measured at isentropic compression, resulting in a slight temperature increase in addition to the pressure increase. The energy usage in a pumping installation is determined by the flow required, the height lifted and the length and friction characteristics of the pipeline. The energy usage is determined by multiplying the power requirement by the length of time the pump is operating. These are some difficulties faced in centrifugal pumps: [7].

An oilfield solids control system needs many centrifugal pumps to sit on or in mud tanks. He came to me and told me there was a company in Florida that was building mobile water pumps. Since I had been traveling abroad to Europe, he thought I could go to America to buy the pumps and bring them back to Nigeria.

I had never been to America, but I asked him how many pumps he needed. Within 48 hours, I was in the U. In those days, getting an American visa was not as tedious as it is now. To transport them, I rented an Antonov, a big Russian cargo plane.

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We filled the entire canal with water using the new pumps. The President of Nigeria commissioned publications about the irrigation pump projects for publicity purposes, and soon everyone wanted to do the same thing.

I quickly set up an agency so that no one could sell the water pumps except for me. Six years later, I built the first irrigation pump factory in Maiduguri. It became an extremely successful venture and that was when I started making real money. In , I was still in the mobile pump business when I started working in the oil industry in the Niger Delta.

Old-timer wisdom: Gleaned from hard-earned lessons (Part II) – Via Nola Vie

The Nigerian President at the time, General Ibrahim Babangida was encouraging indigenous participation in oil exploration and production, and so I was given the opportunity to own some oil prospecting licenses — along with some other prominent business people. It would take 20 years and over a billion dollars in capital to get to the point where I could sell oil.

Those twenty years were very uncertain and required a lot of determination and money. We drilled many dry wells. I started the first well with Conoco, an oil company based in Houston. We drilled three wells: two dry, and one with the discovery of gas. They ran away. I then partnered with Nexen, a Canadian company.

We drilled one well, which was water wet, and they ran away.

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Then came Eer, from the UK. We drilled one well, which was not a commercial discovery, and they ran away. Finally, I partnered with Afren, headquartered in the UK, in It was with determination that we found oil in Some of the international oil companies that abandoned us along the way came back to me to inform me that they regretted their impatience. You need to exercise patience to be successful in life. Many young people today just want to start business today and be successful the next day.

In whatever you do, do it properly and honestly. And be patient; never give up. Go here and learn more. Named after the famous Johnny Cash tune unless someone is looking for resulting royalties, then it was just our Marketing folks doing their thing , our Big River winds lazily around the border of the entire park.

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With rapids around several turns, exploding depth charges and strong currents, a few laps on our River will leave you loving Big River when she calls see annotated lyrics. Our nod to the smallest within Raised Jay Nation, Mill Pond has a graduated entry point perfect for small, nervous feet, a wild play structure with requisite water cannons and thing a mabobs and a tipping sap bucket, that we only fill with hot syrup during late March when our Maple Trees are bursting.

Bring your pancakes. A good place to strike up a conversation or pass the time with a pal, come winter head outside and watch the snow fall while you stay at eye level under the water-like a gator.

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Remember, there will be bubbles. For safety reasons, the slide towers may be closed for a period of time if we experience thunder and lightning. Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather resulting in a partial closure. Attractions will be reopened as soon as thunder and lightning passes from the area.

Kids must be at least 48" to ride alone. Kids at least 42" tall can ride with an adult on the blue and green tube slides. Please note that guests are not permitted to bring any outside food or beverages into the Pump House Indoor Waterpark. The Drink and The Warming Shelter are both available on-site.

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