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They'll compare the stories told in the film with other media they have seen or played that convey messages about the nature of war. A Note to Teachers : This lesson asks students to listen to war stories from real veterans. These stories are graphic and disturbing, and most of them contain profanity.

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If you suspect that administrators or parents might object to such content, you may want to solicit permission ahead of time by explaining how the lesson relates to your curriculum and the school's goals. Get started by joining our Community Network. Clip 1: "The Kill" min.

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The clip begins at with a service member recalling, "I remember my vehicle stopping. Clip 2: "Collateral Damage" min. At , a service member begins his story by saying, "They said it doesn't matter. If someone gets in front of your truck, you honk your horn.

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You don't stop. Clip 3: "Watching a Friend Die" min.

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The clip begins at with a service member talking about taking heavy fire. It ends at with the end of the story: "It's just a horrible thing to watch your friend disappear forever within the confines of a body bag.

  1. HIV and AIDS: A Global Health Pandemic.
  3. Gray Matters: Navigating the Space between Legalism and Liberty.

Clip 4: "Blinded" min The clip starts at with "Boom! He then describes telling his mother that he had lost his vision. Clip 5: "Surviving a Mortar" min. The clip begins at as a service member starts his story: "They said it happened 15 meters in front of me. Clip 6: "The Undertaker" min. Lesson Plan.

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Stacie T. My Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Save Changes. Subjects Social Studies. All Notes. Most battles took place in the South.

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Disease was a big problem. Families and friends disagreed on which side they supported. In this letter-writing activity, students examine the writing of one witness to war before writing their own letters. Between and , Nazi Germany and its collaborators pursued a program to systematically persecute and destroy six million Jews. Nazi ideology identified other enemies; they were targeted for racial, ethnic or political reasons.

During this lesson, high school students will understand the German National Socialism Nazi extermination campaign against European Jewry and other targeted groups within the context of World War II history; appraise responses to the Holocaust by governments and individuals; reflect on racism and stereotyping; and reflect on responsibility and remembrance.

General Dwight D. These confident words were given to every person involved in the operation. However, very few, including Eisenhower himself, had absolute confidence in the mission. In this lesson, students will investigate the complex aspects of Operation Overlord, including the commanders, geography and history, political, and technological challenges that made this one of the most difficult military operations in history. In this lesson, students will review the historic significance of a controversy involving the Chicago Tribune, which published a series of stories inferring that the US had broken a secret Japanese code, which significantly assisted the US Navy in winning one of the biggest battles of the Pacific Theater of World War II, the Battle of Midway.

Did the Tribune go beyond the First Amendment right of freedom of the press in this instance? This lesson introduces students to the principles of just war theory, the basis of international agreements such as the Geneva Conventions that regulate the conduct of nations in wartime. The lesson asks students to consider the six principles of jus ad bellum , or what makes a war just, as applied to World War II. By December, , it appeared the Allies were on the verge of victory in the European Theater, with troops massed in Belgium ready to invade Germany.

However, on December 16, the German army launched a massive, last-ditch counterattack on a thinly defended area in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium. One of the largest atrocities of World War II occurred early in the battle when German troops massacred approximately American troops which had surrendered during the German advance. In this lesson, students will analyze various online and video resources dealing with the battle, collecting information about weather conditions, the battle itself, and other conditions the soldiers endured during the period.

The experience of combat is perhaps the ultimate test for human beings.