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Gottfried Wilhelm "Billy" Bitzer April 21, - April 29, was a pioneering cinematographer notable for his close association with D.

Bitzer provided assistance during Griffith's directorial debut, 's The Adventures of Dollie, which was shot by Arthur Marvin. He eventually succeeded Marvin as Griffith's regular cinematographer, working with him on some of his most important films and contributing significantly to cinematic innovations attributed to Griffith.

Ellen E. Bitzer

In , a survey conducted by the International Cinematographers Guild named him one of the ten most influential cinematographers in history. Bitzer, it is said, "developed camera techniques that set the standard for all future motion pictures. Prior to his career as a cameraman, Bitzer developed early cinematic technologies for the American Mutoscope Company, eventually to become the Biograph Company.

He admired and learned the art of motion picture photography from Kinetoscope inventor W. Dickson, who directed the early Biograph shorts on which Bitzer cut his teeth. Until , Bitzer was employed by Biograph primarily as a documentary photographer, and from onward primarily as the photographer of narrative films, as these gained popularity.

Hendricks , pp. The two would work together for the rest of Bitzer's career, leaving Biograph in for the Mutual Film Corporation where Bitzer continued to innovate, perfecting existing technologies and inventing new ones. During this time he pioneered the field of matte photography and made use of innovative lighting techniques, closeups, and iris shots. The apex of Bitzer and Griffith's collaboration came with The Birth of a Nation , a film funded in part by Bitzer's life savings, and the epic Intolerance For all his innovation, Bitzer did not survive the industry's transition to sound, and in he suffered a heart attack and died in Hollywood in relative obscurity.

His autobiography, Billy Bitzer: His Story, was published posthumously in From Wikipedia Click to enlarge Billy Bitzer. Griffith, cinematographer Billy Bitzer.

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Mary Pickford in "Lena and the Geese" , directed by D. Mary Pickford in "Iola's Promise" , directed by D. Griffith, cinematographers Billy Bitzer and Arthur Marvin. Florence Lawrence suffers by her mother's deathbed in "Romance of a Jewess" , directed by D. Miriam Cooper makes suggestive glances to Robert Harron, but his gang boss and her lover Walter Long is not going to tolerate this in "Intolerance" , the Modern Story, directed by D.

Mae Marsh is horrified after being ordered to give up her child in "Intolerance" , the Modern Story, directed by D. Constance Talmadge is not impressed with the buyers in the marriage market in "Intolerance" , the Story of Babylon, directed by D.

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Civilians salute the marching soldiers in a scene from the film "In the Border States" , directed by D. Robert Harron fights the enemy in "Judith of Bethulia" , directed by D. A scene from "The Cricket on the Hearth" , directed by D. In the secondary the Blue Waves will rely on three guys who will play on both sides of the ball.

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