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We build privacy that works for everyone. Safety Center. Google Account. Parental Supervision Helping you set digital ground rules Family Link can help you better understand how your younger or older children explore online, as well as help manage their accounts and compatible devices. Family-friendly experiences Building family-friendly experiences We build special features — like smart filters, site blockers, and content ratings — into many of our products to make them more enjoyable for your family.

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Learn more about our safety efforts Your security We protect you online with industry-leading security. Q: What can you practice to be happier? Studies tell us that writing down what we are grateful for several times a week, laughing and surrounding ourselves with positive, nurturing relationships and looking for the positive as often as possible are great ways to boost mood. Q: At which age are you most likely to be happy?

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While most people believe happiness declines with age, studies show that's not true. A large Gallup poll found year-olds to be more satisfied with themselves than year-olds, and another study found that happiness and enjoyment dip in middle age and rise again in old age. Q: Which experiences will make you happiest? Younger people gain more happiness from uncommon, extraordinary experiences, while older people savor simple, ordinary experiences that fill up daily life.

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Q: Which of these purchases might make you happiest? Studies show that spending on meaningful activities that bring us closer to family and friends or boost self-confidence makes us the happiest, such as sharing travel experiences, playing board games or learning musical instruments. Q: Which activity could train your brain to be happy?

In fact, happy brain expert Dr. Richard Davidson says his data show that if a person sits quietly and thinks about kindness and compassion for a half-hour a day, their brain will show noticeable changes in just two weeks. A new study finds people who feel they aren't supported by their extended family are more likely to suffer chronic illness than those who aren't happy with their spouse or partner.

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The study, published Thursday in the Journal of Family Psychology, looked at data collected on nearly 3, people between and The average age of people was about 45 years old during the first round of data collection. What makes soda so addictive? At three points during those 19 years, people were asked to rate the quality of their family and partner interactions, which was then compared to their total number of chronic conditions, ranging from stroke to headaches.

To test their intimate partnership, subjects answered questions such as: "How often does your spouse or partner argue with you? How much does your spouse or partner appreciate you? To discover the quality of their familial associations, they answered questions like: "Not including your spouse or partner, how often do members of your family criticize you? How much can you rely on your family for help if you have a serious problem?

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The study found strained extended family relations to be highly associated with a greater number of chronic conditions and poor health. Oddly, the study found no such health association due to troubled relationships with spouses. There's a scientific reason you crave junk food when you don't get enough sleep. For lead author Sarah Woods, assistant professor of family and community medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center, the results were surprising.