Como lidar com o estresse no dia-a-dia (Portuguese Edition)

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Films that deal with the growing concern of crime against women in the cities of India. Two artists mix their influences and each universes to create an organic and dreamlike narration. A two-dimensional animation which reflects the cultural development of the economic zone. A tyrannical king explores the resources of his planet until the last consequence. Dots, Lines, Planes and Forms set themselves in motion and get drawn into their own choreographic world. My story in 3 lines. A funny story about a boy and his balloon cat.

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Um tributo a Eadweard Muybridge e os seus estudos do movimento. Desta vez com um humano, em vez de um animal. A tribute to Eadweard Muybridge and his motion studies. This time with a human, instead of an animal. A super-tall Super-hero, but not that super-strong. In the evening, all the children are sleep.

Palpal drinks her tea calmly.

An audiovisual trip through the mechanisms of an unexplored organic world. At Parliament Ranch they have discovered the perfect formula to end world hunger: chorizo of chorizos. Ebooks and Manuals

Um livro ganha vida com 26 contos sobre a morte, feito por realizadores de diferentes nacionalidades. Brian, your typical young man with a mobile addiction, takes an unexpected turn as his smartphone rebels. Um jovem rapaz depara-se com uma oportunidade para fazer uma travessura.

A young boy spots an opportunity for mischief. Giulia, de apenas sete anos resolve fugir de casa. Giulia, with only seven years old decides to run from home. Created with the intention to talk in a metaphorical and abstract way about the natural circle of events. An animated documentary that uses the sound of interviewees who talk about the role of community in cities and villages. Quando nos olhamos ao espelho, temos de nos enfrentar. Nesse momento estamos despidos.

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When we look in the mirror we must face ourselves. In those moments we are bare. Life is changing, it can be hard for a kid to adjust. Once upon a time, a pretty mischievous deer met a nice little gnome Perforating, animation, editing and composing going on at a breakneck pace. Little story about care-free and joyful days of old and disabled people in beautiful Barcelona.

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Hunt is an animated short film with a strong message against hunting. An animation portraying the sounds and movement of the London Underground, inspired by its seat patterns. Teacher, reporter, editor and television producer, he directed the Program Department of children and young people from RTP.

He is a fiction, poetry and a professional playwright writer. Works of his authorship were featured by the Jury of the Garret Awards. Latterly, the theatre is the most striking value of his work. As a playwright he has seen several of his works staged, the last of which in the Teatro Nacional D.

He is the author of the plays and dialogues of fictional series broadcasted in RTP, and of the three featured-length films directed by Francisco Manso. She began to deal with animation during her studies. After graduation , she continued her studies at the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Now, she is at final year and preparing her PhD in Digital Arts. Works as freelance illustrator and animator, and since Autumn of Steven Woloshen has been passionately creating handmade abstract films and time-based installations for more than 30 years. Two flies fly through a half-open window, discovering a dusty attic, where the objects that inhabit it surprise them.

Joana Nogueira holds a degree in Fine Arts and is now working as a freelancer.

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Belas Artes, Lisboa. Graduated in Communication Design at Fac. BIO: Nasce em em Portugal. Born in in Portugal. Maria da Feira. Born in , in Portugal. He has directed movimento. Jaime is an eighty year old, passionate about books and traditional tales, but he still has a dream to fulfill. An old lady receives tragic news that her husband dies in an accident.

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  • The version that reaches his ears, is not entirely true. The despair and anguish for having lost her husband, takes her to a macabre level. It is connected to the Cinema, Television and Advertising in the fields of decoration, characterization, special effects and building props. Loopi and Gugo are two monsters that love ice cream. BIO: Nasceu em Born in Um filme sobre a forma como a Guerra se instala no corpo das pessoas que a vivem olhos nos olhos.

    A film about how the War settles in the body of the people who are forced to look at it right in the eye. And then, dozens of years ahead, how, like a virus, it can still infect other human beings. BIO: Nasceu em na Amadora. Born in in Amadora. Professor do 1. O resto Primary school teacher currently teacher librarian. Post-graduate in Education and Reading. Passed through Belas Artes, and during the journey this happened: theater for infants, documentary film, photography… As for the rest… oh yeah to the bees! Dinis schools, Lisbon D. Dinis High School , where he teaches since subjects such as mutilmedia and cinema.

    She works at The Animation Workshop — European excellence centre in animation, display and education with 25 years of existence. He also loves to eat enormous quantities of icecream. There are two little monsters struggling for a toy just having fun! There is an apple garden on the outskirts of the old town. But this autumn, while the Cat is picking apples, things turn out differently…. The Ladybug has been taken prisoner. Now she is living in a teensy tiny matchbox and plotting her escape. The cupboards, plates and bellies of the people on this little town are all empty, but it is supper time and there is a cookery show on the tv.

    A frog with pierced shoes plays music in the woods. She ask for charity from the audience.

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    What will happen? He calls his father who is reading the newspaper downstairs in the living room. To get out of reading him yet another story, he tells his son to try counting sheep. Hippo pilot adores to eat, but his favourite blueberry pie and juice were stolen. The Hippo pilot is going to find it. All the people of Balthazar town went by this clock, until one day Robert the woodpecker poked his beak into it. A little girl catches floral patterns with a magic cloth and uses them to make her own pretty dresses. A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.

    A trumpeteer trapped in the rigidness of a marching band discovers his creative power and, through the expression of his own individuality, finds his freedom.