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I wish they would have mentioned you measure from the ground to the top of the withers. Glad you love them Murphy!! Just had a fantastic author visit with great kids at Southern Idaho's Clover School!! So much fun!! Be on the watch!! I am going to start posting videos of me reading my books!! I will read one chapter out of each book in each video!!

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That means ten chapters per each book 15 in all! How does this sound!! Chick was her mother. I had bought a speckled grey stallion named Dan's Bar. He was the sire of Chick's next three foals, Barbie being the first of these three sisters. As I write in her book, I loved playing with Barbie dolls, thus the name!! Barbie and I spent many many hours and rode many many miles together We worked, hunted, played, roped and loved life together. She took care of both of my sons, Cole and Gus.

My heart still is broken over her. She, like Chick, gave me many wonderful babies to enjoy Leroy the Stallion book 6. Hope you enjoy the pictures!! There will be two more posts of her. Post 2 for Barbie!! One more post to go of her pictures!! Well, this is bitter sweet as it is the third and final post about my beloved Barbie to put into my 'ZC Horses Series of Children's Books horses' photo album.

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Belle was supposed to be I should be elated that I had such a wonderful history with Barbie!! There is so much more than I can show in the photos or book 5!! I always knew I could even write another book about her alone! Yet to come!! I don't think anyone could ask for better!! She was even the first I had my new, custom built saddle on!! Home Fragrance. Window Treatments. Analytical Balances. Calibration Weights. Toploading Balances. Mechanical Balances.

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Chick-The Saddle Horse

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