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Although it is too early to tell what kind of local uptake the service will get, it could provide a useful revenue source for creators of Turkish drama.

The location is an imposing Ottoman villa in Kandilli on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, one of three main sets used by the Istanbul-based production. The season ended on June 29, averaging a The series has been recommissioned for a second season. The belief Star TV had in the project has also been key in its genesis. A total of people worked on the production, alongside 30 regular actors and a further 10 to 20 in supporting roles — plus up to extras and 27 locations per episode, says Yurtsever.

The season finale included 18 extra locations. The fast-paced story is a completely new approach, as Turkish dramas traditionally have a much slower tempo. In addition, our principal cast is very popular and has great on—screen chemistry. This, combined with a fantastically collaborative production, keeps everyone motivated.

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Meanwhile, Turkish distributor Global Agency came on board early on with minimum guarantees. In another first, EST also signed exclusive deals with the leading talent involved, both on and off screen. It has been argued that content is increasingly reflecting the changes at the expense of being able to pull in more metropolitan ABC1 viewer and, by extension, international audiences.

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The interaction and dialogue between these two worlds is what makes the series successful. What is less apparent to Turkish or international viewers is that Broken Pieces is adapted from the South Korean drama Autumn in My Heart, an early example of the now global Korean drama wave. By Thomas L.

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This week marks the 40th anniversary of the Camp David accords — the high-water mark of Middle East peacemaking. How far we have fallen since then.

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It makes you weep. Rather than a breakthrough, Israelis and Palestinians seem to be inching closer and closer to a total breakdown. Without some dramatic advance, there is a real chance that whatever Palestinian governance exists will crumble, and Israel will have to take full responsibility for the health, education and welfare of the 2. Israel would then have to decide whether to govern the West Bank with one legal authority or two, which would mean Israel would be choosing between bi-nationalism and apartheid, both disasters for a Jewish democracy.

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So many people are acting badly. Hamas is pursuing a strategy of human sacrifice in Gaza — throwing wave after wave of protesters against the Israeli border fence to die without purpose or even much notice anymore.

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It is shameful. Hamas has been a curse on the Palestinian people.

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