Breve storia delle crociate di Terrasanta (Italian Edition)

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It was Pope from to the a decade known as the Gregorian age, Age of war, excommunications and reforms.

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His pontificate profoundly changed the relations between the Papacy and the Empire, across the Pope's pronouncements Gregory claimed the superiority of spiritual power over the temporal. It was a reformer, perhaps a subversive, surely in him and through him they took the body processes that would lead Christendom or Europe to the origins of modernity.

It was at war with the Holy Roman Empire Investiture, with the bishops to eradicate the plague of simony the Church, with their time to assert the hegemony of a power that wanted above all earthly power, subject only to the heavenly domain of the Most High that he felt the vicar, to pay the price. Among his most recent publications include, Manual of the end of the world. The travail of medieval Europe , Imprevisti e altre catastrofi Suggestive literary meeting with Prof.

A love, what Boccaccio, cultivated from an early age, and culminated in with the publication of a faithful and complete translation in Italian current of the Decameron, absolute masterpiece of universal letterura, that now there is returned with a freshness and liveliness of everything new in the world of publications gender.

The author's intention is clear: rediscover and make it accessible in all parts of an extraordinary work, revolutionary and pleasant, unfortunately often relegated to selections from the anthology. Pasquale Buonomo , appreciated humanist and writer, He was born in Alvignano, in the province of Caserta, in and he resides in Ranica, in the province of Bergamo, where he worked as a head teacher. Followed by a brief discussion with a convivial moment.

Free participation with courtesy contribution. Interviene the autore, conduce Giuseppe Maria Bianchi. Removed or set aside the historical figure, has been turned into a myth and it, depending on the season, the geographical location, the political aims, if it has made abundant use. So much to distort history, or better, as more and more often the case, to pull their side up to deny it. With the reporter's arms following a gripping court case, and a pleasant writing that gives more than a smile, Marco Brando, long-time journalist and writer, He investigated the "leader" of the Holy Roman Empire Are, - castelfiorentino, , on dress, on the contrary, better, the clothes that I was wearing and put on the massive ideological use of his image.

Mildly appreciated throughout South, only in Puglia it has risen to true idol, founding father, venerable saint, later turned into an icon to be printed on T-shirts or gadgets as you do with Che Guevara or Marilyn Monroe. From the "spin" of this case, however, it emerges also instrumental contempt if they have done in North Po-League, where the saints instead reproduce the effigy of Alberto da Giussano. Almost entirely ignored by ordinary people, even in its Swabia, finds out the reporter lent to the profession of historian, Irons that this discipline is strictly served here.

They instead are affecting contemporary Islamic media, for which Federico is not a proponent of the so-called "peaceful crusade", but an invader and enemy, like all his predecessors. The investigation "journalistic" - that's half the book, half is looking for contemporary history - also emerge many false representations of the Middle Ages, used to demonize the alleged "dark season" and reassured of its bright present or to disguise the protagonists of a video game set in the labyrinths of an octagonal castle.

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The reconstructed puzzle reveals the uses and abuses of Emperor, the old debts and ancient prejudices, the deep wound that tears Italy imprisoning in its South and North in his. Accompanied by a preface by Giuseppe Sergi and afterword by Tommaso di Carpegna Falconieri, medievalists of great renown, the book updates and extends a previous volume came out in and now sold out, reproduced in the appendix texts by Raffaele Licinio and Franco Cardini, present in that edition, plus a rich iconographic section. In backlit reads, regardless of character, the use made of the myths, providing the tools to cultivate, as it occurs naturally, without letting gobble until you lose the light of reason.

Now is the freelance journalist on various fronts of the media world, Web and cultural dissemination.

Il settimo sigillo

From to the he directed the series "altreStorie" of Palomar. With Bari publishing house has published two books: South East. A medieval myth in popular culture , with a foreword and afterword by historians Raffaele Licinio and Franco Cardini. Two of his papers are housed in the volume The medieval agricultural landscape Editions Alcide Cervi Institute, August : Policy, identity and history disclosed and Barbarossa in the "Disclose the Middle Ages".

It is one of the authors of the books What energy for Puglia? Travel notes Copyright Events, Bari, His latest book, The Emperor in His Labyrinth. Chiudendo questo banner, scorrendo questa pagina, cliccando su un link o proseguendo la navigazione in altra maniera, acconsenti all'uso dei cookie. Navigando nelle pagine del sito alcuni cookies c.

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  • Miscellaneous Topics - Book Two (The Word of God Encylopedia 9).
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