Breaking The Chains To Freedom

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This book jump-started my thinking with new ideas that often sent me into uncharted waters.

It is mind stimulating and faith affirming in addressing issues that so desperately cry for our attention. Dennis D. The strategy points at the end of many of the articles equip the readers with practical ways to deal with the issues that weigh them down spiritually.

Book Release-Breaking The Chains-Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Bondage

Well done! Each short article packs a unique and powerful spiritual message. I've been amazed how the particular excerpt that I read each day is exactly what I need! We will have two sessions where we will learn the dance and then dance with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Break Free of the Invisible Chains to Your Freedom

You do not need to be a great dancer- but you must have a passion to stand and unashamedly dance or just come to support for freedom. Nearby Places.

Breaking Free, a man breaking chains, shackles to freedom, 3d render illustration

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They each knelt on the floor and sobbed before the throne of grace. I cried the entire time. I want more of that in my life. My friend and prayer partner Joanne challenged me to dig deep into my heart and seek the Lord for anything hiding in my soul that was hindering me.

Easter Reflections: Breaking the Chains of Death | LightWorkers

I know from experience. Where are we poor, blind and oppressed? What is holding us captive?

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