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Your attempt to express some humility is admirable albeit, likely insincere.

I can understand that you were only trying to buy yourself more time before sharing a final response. His response? So, do everybody a favor and select a different adjective.

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Can they all be wrong -

Hmmm, seems you've already signed up for this class. Which of the following clues about body language could help you? If you thought they all could help you, you are correct. You are also completely wrong. The first thing you need to know about body language is facial expressions are only conventions. In Western cultures, we believe upturned lips are a smile and indicate someone is happy; downturned lips are a frown and show someone is sad; very wide eyes mean someone is surprised.

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These conventions are so prevalent we have emojis for them. The reality is people will not often reflect what they are feeling like emojis. Someone might look away because they are nervous, not because they are lying.

Another person might fold their arms because they are cold, not because they are shutting people out. The second thing you need to understand is body language is often particular to an individual.

Mathematicians Cut Apart Shapes to Find Pieces of Equations

If you remember the Amanda Knox murder story, then you understand how body language can be misinterpreted. Amanda Knox was a young American studying abroad in Italy when her roommate was stabbed to death. Despite zero evidence of Knox being at the crime scene, police pursued her as a suspect then charged, convicted and later exonerated for the crime. Planck, in their analysis, combined their lensing measurement with these two other measurements and arrived at an overall value for the spatial curvature within one standard deviation of zero.

This indicates that there is currently no concordance model and that we are missing something.

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