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There is dialog in this one that I will probably always remember and even though it was a thriller, it was also laugh out loud funny. This is about a man who was once on the bestseller list and as his career tanks he ends up on the remaindered table and doing book signings in K-Mart. However, he does still have a fan The ending is disturbing in the way it really holds up a mirror to humanity and what we are all capable of.

The writing is sharp and the main character is well developed, even though the author only has the length of the short story to do so. In the end I actually found it to be touching and nicely done. It's about border crossers and the vigilante's they encounter. I liked that it had a high level of sexual tension and yet was the first story to include a crime boss.

Really good read and great for the price. Top Suspense is an anthology of Master story tellers that have delivered an unforgettable book! This was written where each member wrote words and passed it on to the next, with no planning and no changing.

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Top Suspense will more than satisfy all crime, thriller, noir genre devoted fans, Furthermore, for those like myself who are reading these authors for the first time, there can be no better introduction to the the very best in suspense fiction. Poisoned by Stephen Gallagher was so witty and amazing!

I have to admit that As soon as I finished this story, I downloaded 4 other novels by him! Remaindered also gave me quite a surprise since I have never read any of the Monk books or have saw the TV show! After reading this tale, one will be more reluctant to get or even ask an author for an autograph! It was one of those story, you did not put down from start to finish! The Baby Store by Ed Gorman was very thought provoking. A mesmerizing tale that questions the actions we choose, the moral questions we might ask ourselves, and above all, the deeply personal answers we seek for a happy ending.

It has the reader stop and examine the importance of the perfect vs.

Top Suspense: 13 Classic Stories by 12 Masters of the Genre

This was another personal favorite in the anthology! Gorman, you are profoundly wise! El Valiente En El Infierno was another favorite! Paul Levine is like Texas Salsa! Levine is not only brilliant, he has created three-dimensional characters that drive you to the very last sentence. The Big O by Vicki Hendricks was like a modern age twilight zone with all the excitement of female drama!

Thankyou Bill Crider for raising my blood pressure with Death's Brother and for several new kindle reads that I purchased! Joel Goldman's tale was not only stunning but I wish he had a TV series that he wrote for! I could easily see a future movie in the making by him! It was not only descriptive but had lots of adrenaline! Finally, Naomi Hirahara and Dave Zeltserman, both blew me away! The twist and the thrill keeps the reader on their toes. This novel generates plenty of excitement and is completely satisfying! Anonymous More than 1 year ago. This exhibition is part of an ongoing autobiographical project by the artist in which he examines the nature of the small town he grew up in: Galesburg, Ill.

The show will allow visitors to get up close and personal to some of his key images. Western Ave. In ebullient works that meld painting, drawing and collage, Chase explores quotidian moments in the lives of queer black men — sculpturally contorted figures shown in repose, in heated moments of desire and in balletic occasions of joy.

He also plays with the signifiers of gender identity, showing men wearing makeup and other supposedly feminine things — men, ultimately, who embrace all aspects of who they are. Highland Ave. The new works include detailed graphite drawings, painting and collage on raw wood panels. For five years beginning in , the L. The games includes the centuries-old pelota mixteca Mixtec-style ball and variant called pelota de esponja sponge ball , both played with decorated mitts that combine indigenous design with contemporary logos.

The games, which often take place in empty lots around the San Fernando Valley, are fast-paced affairs that serve as important social gatherings. The Los Angeles artist is transforming the museum project room into a stage — or perhaps an elaborate green room — for collective works that explore issues of migration and colonization.

Esparza and his collaborators will produce an artist book over the course of the exhibition and also stage a performance in Santee Alley. In its day, the ancient city of Teotihuacan was the largest urban center in the Americas — and the sixth-largest city in the world. Today, it is an iconic Mexican archaeological site. It includes more than objects that help tell the story of the ancient city, including monumental sculpture and smaller-scale objects such as precious stones.

A series of five exhibitions looks at the symbiotic relationship between humans and trees — tracking relationships both positive and negative. Lancaster Blvd. Santa Fe Ave. Chimento is marking its move to a new gallery space in West Adams with a show of works by the San Diego-born artist, whose work deals, in hallucinatory ways, with the very real issue of police violence. This includes larger-than-life paintings of police officers brandishing water guns, encircling victims with lassos, and wielding power in nightmarish ways.

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Adams Blvd. Better known for his black-and-white street images, the Boyle Heights photographer has a new series on display at the museum that explores moments of gathering and celebration in Los Angeles backyards — all shot in rich color. Inspired by a 19th century mural in Dresden, Germany, that shows a procession of important royals and those who came before them, Birk and Pignolet have created two foot-long prints depicting a procession of historical American figures who have made significant contributions to society for better or worse.

A Handful Of Dust

The two works show figures from either side of the political spectrum facing off at a central point — before a triumphal arch that stands in ruins. Bendix Building, Maple Ave. One artist a day. One show a day. Get ready to art! Receptions will be held nightly at 7 p.

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In a lobby installation — one that takes full advantage of its size and scale — Simmons pays tribute to forgotten African American actors and films. On a black background, the L. Harry Gamboa Jr. For years, Gamboa has photographed Chicano men — often figures with whom he has a personal relationship — at night in the dark from a low angle, giving his figures an imposing authority.

The Culver City gallery is celebrating 25 years in existence with an exhibition featuring works by more than 40 artists who have been part of its history. This includes works by photographer John Chiara, conceptualist Sarah Charlesworth and photo-based artist Marco Breuer — among many others.

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There will be a salon series held over the course of the exhibition in the back room of the gallery. La Cienega Blvd. This show captures the singular nature of that quirky space. James Turrell, at Kayne Griffin Corcoran. Turrell, who is perhaps best known for creating ethereal installations that employ transitory beams of light, is focusing on slightly more concrete materials in this, his seventh show at the gallery.

La Brea Ave. A new group show at this Inglewood space looks at how African American and Latino bodies and culture have been fetishized, appropriated and experimented on. This includes new work from emerging artists around the country such as Felipe Baeza, texas isaiah, Star Montana and Elliot Reed, among others.

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  • Queen St. The installation and performance artist — known for her visceral pieces made out of pantyhose — will be showing a series of installations, covering her early career to the present, at the Leimert Park art space. A good opportunity to dip into some L. The Haitian artist is the subject of a solo exhibition at the museum that explores the nature of domestic gardens and other outdoor spaces as mini-utopias.

    This project looks at spaces in Miami and L. A singular peak into a subculture that has drawn little scrutiny. Other works capture the economic rise of the United Arab Emirates and issues of contested public space around Malibu. Barnette and her family recently obtained the page file the FBI had amassed on her father, Rodney Barnette, during his time in the Black Panthers.

    The artist employs documents from the file along with other family objects as a point of inspiration for an installation that explores the intersection of the personal and the political in dramatic ways. Through Sept. Artists have long relied on studio assistants to do everything from preparing materials to executing their work.

    The show will feature a range of signage, wall paintings and installations and will include a short documentary film on his life and work. An intriguing, generous look at an unnamed artist behind the art. Times art critic Christopher Knight describes the show as the best Hammer biennial yet.

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    Through Sep. Schindler House, N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, makcenter. Grand Ave. The multimedia artist is known for her bulbous assemblages crafted from old clothing and fabric, which she twists and ties and suspends from gallery ceilings and walls.