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If Trelawney takes the sixth years, here is the three divided by six. Firenze, I speculate, will be the seventh year divination teacher, the "flowers" of divine insight in the trio's seventh year. The hilarious extension of this possibility is that many think including me that Trelawney is kidnapped in book six, as she is absent from Dumbledore's wake. Now, the funny part about the extension of this event is that Sibyll spends most of book six drunk on cooking sherry and making correct predictions, as she has done all along that noone believes. It would be a hilarious turn of events if the Death Eaters capture her, and she begins to divine, feeding them misinformation that they believe to be correct.

That would be a wonderful revenge and act of resistance. I note that Sibyll has enormous beacon-like, magnified eyesa good eyeglass metaphor for a slightly dotty prophetess. Luna Lovegood, by contrast, wears "psycheldelic glasses" of many colors. She is mentioned twice with the multi-colored glasses, and once with the sun shining off of them. I think Luna is destined for a very important role in Book Seven, Wrackspurts notwithstanding. Our first view of him in Book Six is as a hermit venturing with his lamp in the darkness.

This certainly seems to be his position at the close of Book Six, and I am taking Dumbledore's word that Severus is on our side. Severus leads Harry back to the Great Hall; it's interesting that Severus says nothing about Harry's blood spattered face, and refuses to allow Harry to conceal himself. Let us consider that Severus is willingly placing himself in a very dangerous position to take the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, which he knows has been jinxed by Voldemort.

Perhaps Dumbledore has been saving Snape's act of heroism for the opportune moment. As Ron and Harry are given the recycled Potions book. Snape's book, in a sense chooses Harry; an extension of the "good luck" Slughorn brings to Harry throughout this book on lucky chances and force of will. Ironically, if not for Snape's creative tips on potions making, Harry would not have the Felix Felicis that gains him the darkest knowledge from the depths of Slughorn's memory. In this way, Severus book entry counters Tom's Diary book, significantly helping Harry toward his final journey.

Severus' knowledge in Potions acts as the antidote to Voldemort's Horcruxes.

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Finally, it is interesting that Hermione's spell Specialis Revelio! Perhaps Hermione's act forces the Half Blood Prince signature to appear, but the book chooses to reveal its identity only to Harry.

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It's always amusing to read the Potter books the second time around and see all of the clues which I rarely get on the first read, a good thing, it makes the story much fresher for me sitting in plain sight. And to build upon your analogies, Hollywand, I would add that we had previously indicated that Harry has started each book journey thus far in the "Dead" position. However, old habits die hard and Harry falters a bit when he gives in to his old nemisis.

As a result of this impulse, Harry finds himself back in the Dead position, paralyzed prone and invisible upon the floor of the Hogwarts Express. I'm out of time for the moment so I'll have to continue this later By the way: I always wondered what all that business was about. I have to say I am astonished to hear that someone would be admonished for "too much posting". But happily that era seems to have ended. It is no wonder our white wizard is disinclined to give Harry all the information right away; it is simply not in his nature.

His silent love will persist long after his deathdo the dead really ever leave us? In fact, the unspoken implication here is the classic, "Silence is Golden". Severus tells us that performing a spell without speaking it, gives us a split second advantage of time and surprise. The enemy does not know what to expect if we cast spells silently. Hermione, in fact uses precisely the Silencio spell to save herself and Harry from the Death Eaters in the Ministry for Magic battle. She's not as wedded to book strategies as she appears at first blush. Go Miss Granger.

Let's link the value of silence as a strategy in using Occlumency. If we remember back to Book Five, Harry desperately wanted to use Occlumency to communicate Voldemort's ruse to Severus under the nose of Delores Umbridge. Since Harry and Snape could not develop of bond of trust, Harry was completely unsure if Severus was receptive to his message, and Rowling leaves us wondering if Severus could receive and was willing to interpret the information.

Severus' warning to Harry as he parts our company in Book Six is for him to keep his mouth shut and his mind closed. A key strategic phrase for Book Seven. It is not until Harry and Severus learn to trust each other, that they could possibly use their natural talents to communicate and undermine the Death Eaters. The trio, however, if they continue to bond and trust, will be able to wordlessly exchange information and strategies. The Death Eaters will have no such luxury since none of them trust each other one single bit. The question remains, will Harry be able to overcome the obstacle to trusting Severus?


Perhaps Dumbledore left Harry some memories to think over. I hope so. Merope is seen as matching the gray stone wall, she wants to vanish into the wall. Merope is so psychologically restricted by her father's cruelty, and her brother's poessessiveness, she is more hostage than family member. Significantly, Merope is written in the Hanged Man position. She is hanging from the window, the window of opportunity, as it were, longing for the world and love of a Muggle.

Interestingly, Rowling takes gifts in this chapter and renders them as burdens. The gift of magical ability, of family history and ties, here are all convoluted, turned inward on themselves incestuously, made onerous. The paradox here is that, whilst most of us Muggles dream of being Wizards, poor Merope is in exactly the opposite position. She is so oppressed by the Magical Heritage, she feels suffocated, and wants to escape. Ironically, her male relatives being sentenced to Azkaban offer her the opportunity to abandon her miserable existence.

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  • As Merope is such a miserable creature, she cannot, does not know how to win the love of the man she dreams will give her love and freedom. Tom is a vain and heartless Muggle. Once the potions wear off, he has no concern for Merope's emotional or physical condition. Pretty bleak history for our developing Lord Voldemort.

    It is a mirror of the book title. Snape implies to Harry that he should show respect, and call him sir, but Harry turns the remark around to humiliate him.

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    • The Half Blood Prince is again denied his title of respect. Harry at this point suspects his father invented the spell, but Harry is incorrect. Rowling here makes the significant connection through Hermione that the Death Eaters used the Levicorpus spell at the Triwizard Tournament.

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      Severus has learned the hard way that once you invent a dangerous weapon, it can always be used against you. The first time the Levicorpus is used against him, James Potter is the perpetrator; the second is much worseVoldemort is mining Severus for harmful spells to use against Muggles and Wizards at large, to bind them in fear and darkness. Reading Silver and Opals.

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      Draco's tasks shadow Voldemort's. The Opal necklace intended to curse Dumbledore is a shadow of the Slytherin Horcrux Locket, both references to decapitation. The poisoned Oak Matured Mead is a shadow for the poison potion in the basin. Draco plots to murder Dumbledore; ironically, Dumbledore has a parallel, urgent quest to seek out the objects of Voldemort's he knows will destroy him. Draco's acts mirror Dumbledore's only Dumbledore's are completely heroic, and Draco's the fool. Once I fully get Jo's method, it never ceases to amaze me. It is so good to have you back in the re-read!

      Undeniably His

      About Fred and George that you mentioned in your post , I was thinking that the "double but one star" of the alchemists, mentioned about Sirius and Regulus, could well apply to them as well. As said then, on the Black crest: "two stars can be seen: they're the stars that will guide the alchemist on his path.

      Alchemists as Basile Valentin were saying that their Star was one and double at the same time, one being the mirror of the other" I find it to be also a nice image of the twins role in the series! I find it first pretty interesting that, in that chapter, Fudge mentions Gawain Robards who is the head of the Auror office at the ministry. Gawain or Gauvin was a knight of the Round Table. There is also another Percival in our story since one of DD's middle names was Percival.

      I hope it bodes well for the role our Gawain is playing here! In alchemy, the grail symbol is bound to the colour red and to the blood symbolism, as the Philosopher's Stone is and, like the Stone, it remains invisible for those not deserving to approach it. I found it very funny thinking he is the "head" of the Auror office! Now, we often said that Harry could be seen as the alchemical green lion that has to become the red lion: this is the vitriol symbolism, vitriol that we connected to Harry's anger and Slytherin sides.

      Maybe Gawain will be of some help in that matter, especially if we put Scrimgeour too on the picture? A nice image to connect to an auror too! Her first name is not canon, according to the Lexicon, since it only appeared on a draft for the PoA on JKR's site, but it may be pretty interesting if it is her real first name!

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      The lexicon also says that sinistra can refer to a star from the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler, that represents Aesculapius, himself bound to Mercury's caduceus symbolism. The caduceus, in alchemy, represents the triad symbolism again, mercury and sulfur "fixed" together in the philosophical gold. Now, let's not forget about Luna's words in the previous chapter, saying that Harry shouldn't be an auror: a "sinister job" indeed A "sinister" event too But one essential for Harry to reach "dawn" eventually!

      That's all for now! Rowling begins the very next paragraph with Dumbledore. It seems clear that she is progressing Ron and Hermione to Dumbledore's position in Harry's journey. To add to this, Dumbledore is intentionally deaf, turns a deaf ear, to Sibyll's entreaties that his death is approaching. He knows it, he knows her predictions are likely to be spot on, but he's on a mission. Beginning Chapter 13 with Dumbledore does not bode well for Dumbledore. Rowling is warning us that Dumbledore is now in Sirius' position, a grim position indeed, and she uses this particular word repeatedly in this chapter.

      In this chapter, Dumbledore's quest shadows Harry's with Slughorn.